Do people with a family history of vitiligo need to take precautions in advance?

Date:2023-12-17 Hit:102

Vitiligo, as a difficult dermatologic condition, causes great mental harm to the patient. Especially people with family history of vitiligo know very well how this disease affects a person's life. So we hope that before the onset of vitiligo, we can take preventive measures in advance to reduce the chance of the onset of the disease.

First of all, the onset of vitiligo is the result of many internal and external factors. Among them, 20% of the patients' morbidity is related to genetic factors. Therefore, the family history of the crowd should pay more attention to do a good job of skin sunscreen, avoid all kinds of trauma, but also do a good job of mental regulation, reasonable diet, if the work often contact with the stimulation of the chemical to change the work in a timely manner, to reduce the incidence of vitiligo chances.


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