Vitiligo: when the immune system attacks&cause skin discoloration

Date:2021-10-28 Hit:2077

Vitiligo is a condition where the immune system attacks the skin.Part of the function of your skin is to give yourself nice,even coloration.The cells that do that are called melanocytes .In vitiligo ,the immune system specifically targets the melanocytes ,and if the melanocytes are destroyes ,they do not creat pigment in your skin .So as a result,you may see uneven coloration,even salt and pepper-like coloration ,and in some cases, complete destruction of all color of the skin.Vitiligo can look differently in different patients.Generally ,patients of very fair skin color may not even realize that their skin isn’t making pigment .It can be very much significant  in patients of darker skin color.Whenver you see a change in discoloration of your skin ,or in the tone,texture,or even whether your skin itches or not ,it may be early symptoms of vitiligo and care should be sought .Vitiligo is ,again ,an autoimmune disease.A disease where your own immune system targets the cells that creat pigment in your skin .So generally ,the treatments include suppressuing your immune system.Sometimes you  can do that locally,meaning in just one spot with the use of a cream.Sometimes,and in severe cases,when more that just one local area is involved ,we may need to use more systemic medications,but every treatment need cancel all potencial vitiligo inside of patients body

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