What are the contraindications in the treatment of vitiligo

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The manifestation of vitiligo is the appearance of white spots on the body. This kind of white spots can affect the patient's appearance and seriously hinder the patient's life, work and social interaction. Therefore, the treatment of vitiligo is very important. We must understand the contraindications in the treatment process to get rid of it as soon as possible Trouble with vitiligo. So, what are the contraindications in the treatment of vitiligo? Let's take a look at the introduction of experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital.

1. Inability to persist in treatment: In the process of clinical treatment, it was discovered that many patients stopped the treatment privately after the treatment was effective, and did not follow the doctor's instructions for consolidation treatment, which led to repeated attacks of vitiligo. Such consequences not only give the patient psychological Physically cause losses, and at the same time bring economic and spiritual pressure.

2. Ignore diet and care: During treatment, patients with vitiligo are not allowed to smoke, drink, eat seafood, or eat spicy and irritating foods, and eat less or not foods rich in vitamin C, because vitiligo is one It is a disease caused by the lack of melanin in the body, and vitamin C is a barrier to the production of melanin, which is very unfavorable for the patient's recovery.

3. Greater psychological pressure: Although vitiligo disease can damage the patient's appearance, in order not to affect the normal treatment, the patient should maintain a healthy attitude and not be nervous and anxious. You can relieve your pressure and negative emotions in appropriate ways In the relatively long treatment process, I hope that patients can have patience and confidence to stick to the end.

What are the contraindications in the treatment of vitiligo? The above content is the relevant introduction for patients by experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, hoping to help more patients with vitiligo. The condition of vitiligo is relatively stubborn, and it is easily affected by many unfavorable factors to aggravate the condition, so everyone must take the treatment seriously.

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