How to choose hospital for new vitiligo patient?

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Vitiligo is a melanin depigmentation disease, which seriously damages people's appearance, causes a devastating harm to patients' physical and mental health. It is called "immortal cancer". When new vitiligo patients first make mind up to treat it, some of them didn't choose right hospital, they couldn't be cured with wasting time and money so that they have no confidence to go on treatment, even regard vitiligo as an incurable disease. it's a big problem for new vitiligo patient  to choose a right hospital.

>> Four criterion to choose hospital for new vitiligo patients

Experts in Huahai Vitiligo Hospital suggest that, new vitiligo patients have short onset time, melanin still has rebirth ability, to heal vitiligo the earlier the better. In the early onset of disease, we can activate melanin more easily. To cure vitiligo the sooner the better,just like traditional Chinese medicine doctors said.

To cure illness with knowing reason

So new vitiligo patients must catch the precious opportunity in early onset period. While “early” is not the only point, it's also import to choose scientific treatment plan and authority hospital. Our experts offer a form for new vitiligo patients.

criterion of measure level of hospital

Content Level

1, The level of specialized hospital what is the level of the hospital get the aptitude assessed by the national health competent department.

2, The level of the hospital technology To know the cure rate of the hospital. Whether the treatment in the hospital promoted by government and if it is the key specialty in the nation.

3, The research and development ability To know the level of hospital’s national scientific research project and the authority of medicine monograph and academic paper. 

4, The scale and strength of the hospital To know the construction, doctors and equipment, you’d better go to the hospital on the spot

>> vitiligo is kind of intractable disease, needing system schema to cure

 Huahai vitiligo hospital has treated all kinds of vitiligo for 26 years.After systemic personalized treatment, vitiligo can be surely cured. They combined medicine treatment with non-medicine treatment, combined internal therapy with external using, combined medical treatment with nursing, combined nursing and nutrition. Experts suggest patients with long progress or large area of disease to be hospitalized and accept preferred plan, it's convenient for doctors to observe condition in time. New vitiligo patients can be cured by comply with doctors' advice and insist comprehensive treatment.

The experts say that vitiligo treatment is a very complicated project. Because of different pathogenesis , pathogenic site of different patients, while they have different life-style and individual difference, doctors should make different treatment and choose different medicine, sometimes it would be effective soon while sometimes not. The patients with longer and slower treated always give up and lose confidence, so it's also very important to insist.

In a word, vitiligo is not “incurable disease” any more in science developed modem world nowadays. New vitiligo patients should follow advice above to choose professional hospital for healing then would be cured earlier.

The above text is selected from the medical monograph "Vitiligo Therapy",  which has been copyright protected.

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