Why summer is the season for high incidence of vitiligo?

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For patients with vitiligo, summer is a special season, because summer is the season of high and frequent vitiligo, and it is also the distress season for patients with vitiligo. When summer comes, people change into short shirts and enjoy the beauty of the summer. However, patients with vitiligo can only hide in hidden corners due to exposed white spots and unspeakable pain. They cannot go out and dare not see people.

In fact, everyone does not know that although summer is the season of high incidence of vitiligo, it is also the golden period of treatment. This is the principle of the so-called mutual generation and restraint of all things. Therefore, when summer comes, patients and friends should not worry and get bored. As long as everyone takes scientific protection and effective treatment, summer can also change from trouble season to recovery season. To this end, experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital conducted an analysis.

>> Why do we say that summer is the season for high incidence of vitiligo?

Experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital pointed out: According to clinical data, the visit rate of patients with vitiligo in summer is much higher than in other seasons. People often wonder why summer becomes a season of frequent occurrence and high incidence of vitiligo. In fact, there is a high incidence of vitiligo in summer for a reason.

1. High temperature sun exposure

In summer, the intensity of sunlight is high, and the ultraviolet rays are strong. Because the skin of patients with vitiligo is very fragile and sensitive, prolonged exposure to the sun will increase the function of melanocytes in the body and cause melanocyte damage. Melanin is secreted by melanocytes. When the regenerative function of melanocytes is destroyed, the tyrosinase activity in the blood of the patient will decrease, and it will not be able to provide sufficient nutrients for the synthesis of melanin, and the skin will develop white spots in the sun.

2. Excessive intake of cold drinks

The temperature rises in summer, and people sweat a lot at every turn. In order to cool off the heat, many people like to eat some cold food and drink some iced drinks. When the body consumes too much, it will cause gastrointestinal inflammation and cause internal circulation disorders in the body. Summer is the season of high incidence of vitiligo. Vitiligo patients have low immunity and weak resistance to the outside world. When the body's "internal circulation" is out of balance, it will aggravate the condition and cause the white spots to spread rapidly.

3. Large mood swings

In summer, people tend to be emotionally unstable, thinking disorder, and irritable. When you can't calm down and deal with things, you will have mixed feelings and hurt your internal organs. Chinese medicine believes that all diseases are born from qi. Vitiligo is a disease of the internal organs. When the body's blood is insufficient, it will damage the liver and kidneys and cause vitiligo to worsen.

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