Vitiligo Treatment at the Corner of the Mouth

Date:2020-06-06 Hit:2390

1.The harm of junk food

Binzhou, a 9-year-old boy, get more than 1 year, usually especially love to eat junk food, spicy strips, chips, ham intestines every day. Parents do not realize that the vitiligo diet is very important to children, a family is very spoiled children, want to eat what to buy. After getting sick, asking for medicine everywhere, the child's condition is not good.

2. reasonable diet is helpful to the recovery of vitiligo

Last month in a sick friend there heard about Huahai Baifeng Hospital, hastened to bring the child to seek treatment. Experts understand the child's poor eating habits, give serious criticism to parents, the vitiligo diet in the course of treatment is also very important. Children of this age are generally not very good in the spleen and stomach, if not correct bad eating habits in time, even if the disease is good later, there will be a chance of recurrence. Parents heard that the vitiligo food care is so important, but also lamented that fortunately found Huahai Baifeng Hospital, is really found experts, our children finally have a rescue!

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