Ear Bloodletting

Date:2020-06-12 Hit:2353


Ear bloodletting method in the treatment of vitiligo often take points the tip of ear acupuncture point bleed 3 ~ 5 drops per treatment cheek area. Endocrine area with former tool take knives, needles, disposable syringe needles. Treatment once a week.

Ear bleeding is one of the traditional Chinese medicine therapy effect for some disease significantly, especially skin diseases, it has dredge meridian, remove stasis of discharge heat, relieving itching, purging fire pain relief, and so on. In recent years ear bloodletting method is also used in the treatment of vitiligo and have certain curative effect. It can to a certain extent, alleviate the symptoms of vitiligo.

Ear bloodletting method in the treatment of vitiligo is according to the causes of vitiligo  can choose do when take other meridians operation. Amount to avoid cartilage parts after cartilage fracture is not easy to heal. When need in the acupoint bloodletting hand knives, needles should be temporary. Placed on disinfection or instruments will be in the right hand up blade when all of a sudden twist a head wound healer oriented in order to avoid patients be hurted. Head facial treatment for patients with anemia and diabetes, and pregnant women should avoid using this treatment.

Ear bloodletting method not suitable for every patient with vitiligo. The treatment plan should be according to the conditions of different patients. To choose the professional hospital in installment, formulate appropriate treatment plan is the guarantee of curing vitiligo.

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