Balance yin and yang ,control development

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    The occurrence of vitiligo is the process of fighting against each other. The disease invades the human body. The "balance therapy" in the new technologies of "Black and White cure together" uses a combination of nourishing and supplementing the latest medical technologies of modernization, nourishing yin and helping the yang, replenishing qi and blood, and acting qi and blood circulation to strengthen the internal organs, enlighten the whole body, regulate the viscera The balance of yin and yang qi and blood, supplement righteousness and energy, promote the supply, energy supply, absorption and metabolic excretion of tissue cells, balance the internal organs and immune systems, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing and treating vitiligo, and controlling the expansion and spread of white spots.

1. Black and white same disease, black and white theory

The theory of "black and white same disease, black and white treatment": Huahai Vitiligo Hospital based on the theory of the five elements of the motherland medicine, starting from the lungs and meridians, systematically analyzed and studied the cause and treatment methods of vitiligo. In the traditional understanding, the new theory of "black and white same diseases, black and white treatment" was creatively proposed. It is believed that vitiligo is not only a local pigment loss, but also increased pigmentation around or other parts of white spots or other parts, that is, black and white same diseases.

Second, black and white same diseases, black and white treatment is needed

Clinically, pay attention to two -way regulation to achieve black and white. " Black and White cure together" treatment of vitiligo technology is the Torch Program Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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