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As we all know, vitiligo is one of the most difficult diseases in the Department of dermatology in the world, many people know, but the real understanding of vitiligo is not much. Many patients because do not understand the symptoms of vitiligo, especially in the early stage of the disease, the disease will not attract enough attention, some white spots in hidden parts that do not ache not to itch, does not interfere with the normal life, why should it not timely treatment, until to spread throughout the body, but it is too late now. In order to avoid the similar situation to the greatest extent, the following experts from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital take us to know about vitiligo and vitiligo symptoms.

First. The appearance of leukoplakia at the beginning of the onset of disease

Early vitiligo as nails or coins, nearly circular, oval or irregular in shape, also the onset punctate less stain, the realm is more than obvious; some edge around the color with white spots in addition to depigmentation, skin lesions without atrophy or desquamation change, white hair can lose pigment as well as white. Also hair life time unchanged.

Second, spot and area of leukoplakia

The location and area of leukoplakia may be indeterminate, which can be limited to a certain part of the body or in a ganglion segment (or the skin node), and the leukoplakia is rarely disappearing. Most cases tend to grow and expand gradually. Adjacent leukoplakia can be fused into irregular large areas and spread throughout the body.

Third. The loss of skin pigments will vary from person to person

The extent of depigmentation and different body parts It differs from man to man., with different, even in the same area due to different decolorization extent to display different colors, its tone to three, from the inside out for three color white, gray, near normal color reaction; some are entirely white, the skin around red (to see through the blood vessels of the papillary dermis) or grayish white, the general performance can help to observe melanin formation and the degree of reduction.

Fourth. The complex symptoms must be treated by syndrome differentiation and treatment in black and white.

Made a clear introduction to the symptoms of vitiligo, vitiligo leukoplakia because many similar, for example, senile leukoplakia, although it is white, but with different characteristics of senile vitiligo, leukoplakia is round, the middle is smooth, do not panic around. The manifestation of each person is completely different, type, degree, area, location is not the same every patient, so can the "supporting" treatment, must make clear diagnosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been in-depth study of vitiligo, and accumulated a lot of valuable theory and treatment experience, written in early Qing Dynasty Wu Qian's Golden Mirror of Medicine has been pointed out that the treatment of vitiligo easy early, early vitiligo is relatively easy to cure; to the Qing Dynasty Wang Qing wrote Ren Yilin has been clearly pointed out that vitiligo can be cured. So early discovery, early treatment, is the correct solution.

Many patients seek medical treatment blindly after their illness, and even try various sides. The result is that the treatment of leukoplakia is expanded. Finally, due to repeated repeated treatment, lead to the aggravation of the disease. Huahai Vitiligo Hospital expert introduction, any single treatment can cure the disease, vitiligo must belong to autoimmune diseases, syndrome differentiation, the overall conditioning, adhere to the principle of “to cure black and white together". Because vitiligo is not only manifested as skin leukoplakia, the appearance of normal skin around leukoplakia also exists in fact.

A detailed understanding of the symptoms of vitiligo, the sooner the vitiligo patients receive regular treatment, the more obvious the effect. I hope that vitiligo patients have a clear understanding of their condition, and pay attention to treatment as early as possible.

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