What are the initial symptoms of vitiligo?

Date:2023-12-17 Hit:118

   Vitiligo this disease is very common, this disease on the patient's skin damage is very big, so we are also more concerned about this disease, but, when it comes to the specific symptoms of vitiligo, many friends are not very understanding. So what are the early symptoms of vitiligo like? In response to this question, the following is a specific understanding of it.

   First, halo nevus white spots. Halo nevus is also known as centrifugal acquired white spots, also refers to the limited hypopigmentation around the pigmented nevus, later the nevus itself can fade and the lesions continue to develop. Commonly seen halo nevus central nevus disappears, its white halo expansion, followed by other parts of the body successively issued new white spots, most scholars believe that the halo nevus is a type of vitiligo, should be given enough attention.

   Second, the early white spots decolorization degree is light. The demarcation line with the surrounding normal skin is blurred, such as occurring in the skin color is easy to be ignored, but to be subtle to observe its "special" place: generally no itch, even if there is also very slight; depigmentation patches are fewer in number, generally 1 to 2 pieces, and most of them appear in the exposed parts of the skin; except for the loss of pigmentation, depigmented patches of skin as the surrounding skin, no inflammation. The skin is the same as the surrounding skin, there is no inflammation, flaking or atrophy and other changes; in the absence of other skin diseases should first consider early vitiligo.

   Third, the characteristics of skin lesions. The color of the skin lesions white, typical white spots are mostly nails and coins, round, ellipsoid or irregular, can be expanded or fused with each other into an irregular blockbuster, different shapes, white spots around the deepening of pigmentation and white spots in the center of the islands of pigmentation Another typical white spots are distributed along the nerves of the band or stripes depigmented, the edges of the class such as the knife cut like a neat.

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