The characteristics and advantages of "black and white cured together" new technologies

Date:2023-12-16 Hit:476

After 30 years of devoted Dean Cheng Aihua, he has made a major breakthrough in the treatment of vitiligo in the treatment of vitiligo in the "black and white cricket" of traditional Chinese medicine, which has unique advantages.

1. Fast effectiveness, short treatment, and high cure rate, the two course of the two courses is 89.3%, and the total effective rate is 98.2%.

2. It can quickly control development and stabilize high -sensitive immune state.

3. Overall conditioning, two -way adjustment, eliminate the contrast of black and white, and achieve normal skin tone.

4. Regardless of the size of the white spots, the length of the years, the length of the age, and the age, as long as it is treated according to a personalized scheme, the normal skin color can be restored.

5. Green safety, no adverse reactions, and not recurring after consolidation.

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