The New Chinese Medicine Technology for vitiligo treatment------Theoretical Innovation

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After 30 years of devoted Dean Cheng Aihua, he has made a major breakthrough in the treatment of vitiligo in the treatment of vitiligo in the "black and white cricket" of traditional Chinese medicine, which has unique advantages.


1. The pathogenesis and cause

The occurrence of vitiligo is the result of the combination of internal and external factors. Internal causes and deficiency, stasis,

Related to stagnation, wind, and humidity, liver and kidney deficiency, weak spleen and stomach, and insufficient biochemistry of qi and blood fluid; external causes of feeling influence of various factors such as cold and dampness, and emotional injuries, leading to qi and blood operation disorders, skin hair tricks, and losing skin. Raise white spots.

2. theoretical innovation

According to the theory of the five elements of the yin and yang of the motherland, the new theory of "black and white same disease, black and white treatment" was proposed. It is believed that vitiligo is a kind of self -immune disorders and skin diseases. For black and white same diseases. Treatment of black and white same diseases, black and white treatment.

3. Different disease innovation

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "treating the wind first to treat blood first, blood and wind destroy", "lung main fur", "lung main white, kidney master black". Black and white the same disease, lung and kidney treatment. Starting from the lungs and meridians, the pathogenesis of vitiligo is analyzed, and it is mainly based on Xuanchang lung qi, opening the body's circulation, removing wind and dehumidification, relieving liver and kidney, balanced yin and yang, and overall conditioning. Cooperating with local activation , Pay attention to two -way adjustment, both specimens.

4. Debate innovation

Disease is the basic contradiction in the whole process of the disease, and the symptoms are the main contradictions of the current stage. From the characteristics of skin lesions, color, scope, part, new long, conscious symptoms, onset season, tongue, pulse and other aspects, etc., and formulate personalized treatment solutions based on the condition and type.

5. Dianding preparation

One person, one side, one side, one method can improve the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, and reduce stimuli

Sexuality reflects the treatment view of Chinese medicine "the life is heavy and has noble money", and it also reflects the treatment of syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, and personalized and precise medication.

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