Entering the weather in autumn is easy to stabilize. Is it okay to interrupt the treatment?

Date:2023-02-28 Hit:1601

   Patient: Doctor Cheng, I found that after entering the autumn weather, the white spots on my body gradually stabilized and did not develop, and the exposed parts could not be seen. I want to stop for a while. Is it affected?

   Director Cheng: This situation is not taken, which has a great impact on the condition. Many patients have been cured for a long time because of lack of continuous treatment. Random interruption is not only not conducive to controlling the condition, the development of white spots spreads, but also abandoned.

Because the skin melanocytes have not returned to normal, the cause of the pathogenic has not been completely removed. As the medicine decreases, the white spots will recur again, and the condition is even more serious than before. I think your treatment effect is very good. If it is stopped, it will only increase the difficulty in the future.

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