Chemicals lead to vitiligo throughout the body, 2 treatment recovery

Date:2023-02-28 Hit:672

The paint contains a large amount of volatile chemicals, including various solvents, resin and glue. Long -term contact can easily induce vitiligo.

Li Zemin (pseudonym), 25 years old, a factory painter. Due to long -term contact with paint, it has stimulated the skin and induced vitiligo. At first, there was only a small piece of the arm, and then spread to both arm, back, back, and hip. He had been to Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and Beijing hospitals in Hebei for treatment, and gave up treatment because there was no effect.

In 2008, he heard the patient who had been treated together that he had cured vitiligo in our hospital and came to our hospital in May. Because of the treatment of vitiligo a few years ago, he basically spent all his savings. After we became the dean to understand his situation, we reduced most of the medical expenses and provided him with free accommodation for him. After a multi -course treatment, the white spots all over his body were almost 60%. He started to believe it. He said that he had no effect when he ran so many places. Efficacy. He saw the dense black ginseng dots in his body and wept, and continued to treat a course of treatment. His arms, heads, backs, and hips were completely recovered!

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