New technology of Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Vitiligo Makes Recovery Dreams Come True

Date:2020-06-14 Hit:616

The new technology of vitiligo treatment--"black and white cured together" technology was approved and promoted by the state administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China. Since the national promotion in October 2009, it has successfully serviced hundreds of patients throughout almost 114 countries around the world, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Jordan, South Africa and so on. The success of the technological promotion rewrote the history of vitiligo treatment and brought good news to patients with vitiligo.

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Vitiligo has been recognized as one of most intractable skin diseases in the world. Its pathogenesis is complex, and treatment methods are numerous. The traditional therapy treatment only aims at vitiligo parts. By this way, although it can alleviate vitiligo partly, there are still some limited problems, such as a long treatment cycle, large side effects, and a high recurrence rate. In order to meet the general patientsurgent demands of a more scientific, effective and safer treatment technology, the medical community is constantly exploring new options.


Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospitals technology of vitiligo treatment--"black and white cured together" , which is based on traditional Chinese medical theory and combined with modern medicine, by summing up the experience of vitiligo clinical trials, has achieved great success. The analysis of the etiology and pathogens about vitiligo has carried on the systematical research, making a breakthrough in vitiligo treatment with this new technology. The technology shows that it can activate tyrosine activity, regulate the immune system, improve micro-circulation, promote the melanin cell adhesion and migration and melanin synthesis. Clinical observation showed that the technology has the characteristics of quick effect, short course of treatment, high cure rate, and green security. It has a magic effect on different types of vitiligo, especially vitiligo with large area . This technologys curative effect has achieved an international leading level. It solved the difficult problem of vitiligo effectively and created a new era of scientific treatment of vitiligo.


Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has a reputation for the treatment of vitiligo. It is the vitiligo research and demonstration base of the United Nationsrelated institution. And by the support of Chinas ministry of civil affairs, Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has achieved the name of national advanced unit of self-discipline and good faith construction. Moreover, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine approved it as a "national excellent institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, under the Chinese ministry of science and technology torch high-tech torch plan, the core technology award a number of national patients, and be included in the national non-material cultural heritage protection projects. Deputy speaker of the Ninth National People's Congress standing committee, Jiang Zhenghua, vice chairman of CPPCC(the Chinese people's political consultative conference nine conference)Sun Fuling , give the technology high admission. And a number of authoritative medias in China central television reported the hospitals vitiligo treatment technology.

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