Wang LinLin

Date:2020-06-06 Hit:1889

[Expert profile]

Wang Linlin, practicing Chinese medicine practitioner. He is currently a practicing Chinese medicine practitioner in the inpatient department of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital, a Chinese medicine practitioner in the inpatient department of the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, a member of the key specialty collaboration group of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is one of the outstanding young experts in China.

【Field expertise】

Engaged in clinical research and treatment of vitiligo for 9 years, under the direction of Dean Cheng Aihua. Especially good at TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment of vitiligo, focusing on the combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, and achieved good clinical treatment effect. She is diligent and hard-working, studying carefully, and is a practitioner and disseminator of the new national "black and white treatment" treatment of vitiligo. She fully tapped the essence of traditional Chinese medicine theory, absorbed the advanced achievements of modern medicine, and carried out the special treatment of vitiligo through traditional Chinese medicine and non-pharmacological treatment techniques. Good at different types of vitiligo disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation treatment. Because of his profound theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, he is particularly good at acupuncture therapy, acupoint massage, umbilical therapy and other traditional Chinese medicine treatments to assist in the treatment of large-area and generalized vitiligo, and has achieved remarkable results.

【Research achievements】

He has long been committed to the systematic research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. With the careful guidance of Dean Cheng Aihua, he started from the lungs and meridians to systematically study and study the etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of vitiligo. The theory has a different understanding than traditional. In the clinical work, we observed and collected a large amount of first-hand information on the causes, pathological characteristics, clinical efficacy, etc. of large-scale, generalized vitiligo cases, and compiled a large amount of precious data, which has made a very great contribution to the promotion of vitiligo traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

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