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A patient who comes from Britain came here for his vitiligo treatment.
The first "Vitiligo Clinical Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine" settled in Huahai
On August 20th, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the opening ceremony of "Chinese Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital" in Binzhou, Shandong. People from the national Wei Planning Commission, the Chinese Medicine Association, the national and provincial departments of traditional Chinese medicine administrat...[more...]
A Sultan patient came here for vitiligo treatment.
 A Sultan patient came to Huahai Vitiligo Hospital for vitiligo treatment, and this is the third time he came here for his disease.[more...]
Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine's "Chinese Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital" Established
On July 19th, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine's "Chinese Medicine Clinical Vitiligo Hospital" was set up, and the awarding ceremony was held successfully in Beijing.[more...]
The summer activities for all the staff in Huahai Vitiligo Hospital
cured vitiligo case -Li Shiyong
Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is based in Binzhou, China and is supported by the United Nations as a scientific demonstration base for the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. This organization implements the newest technology of "BWCT", which has successfully cured thousands vitiligo patients. Huahai¡¯s information is translated into more than 100 languages. ...[more...]
How to make women with vitiligo on face get confidence
To help more women vitiligo patients treat vitiligo,Huahai vitiligo hospital organize huge activity for women who has vitiligo on face and hands.[more...]
The best vitiligo hospital -Huahai vitiligo hospital
How to choose best vitiligo hospital?The experts from Huahai vitiligo hospital will teach you.400-6567-178,cured more than 100000 patients,free trial 1-4 days.[more...]

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Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua ,female, researcher, who graduated from Beijing university of Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese expert in studing vitiligo and is the director of Huahai vitiligo hospital. She is representative of people¡¯s congress and outstanding contribution expert to our country.

Vitiligo boy NiuChuanMing...
what is the best hospital for vit...
Huahai Vitiligo Hospital celebrat...
Huahai Vitiligo Hospital held a N...

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Vitilig FAQs
Students from middle shcool came to Huahai vitiligo hospital to study taditional chinese medicine
 Students from middle shcool came to Huahai vitiligo hospital to study taditional chinese medicine
vitiligo and sunshine
  In everyday life, the color human skin will be influenced by the environment or seasons change. The major factor is the sun radiation, whenever the summer coming, many outdoor workers tanned, especially the agriculture, fishery and geological prospecting workers’ skin color usually much darker than normal people. Why UV light will tan s...
Best vitiligo hospital in India -Huahai vitiligo hospital
 China has a long history in curing vitiligo. In 601A.D. this diseasehas been named vitiligo. The Chinese Medicine is mainly made of natural animalsand plants. It is cheap and works well and has little toxic and side effect.,very adaptable to vitiligo which is the chronic condition,will not cause thedrug induced disease due to the chemical medicinel....

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