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vitiligo diet

Vitiligo patients should drink honey
Expert advice vitiligo patients can feed more honey, honey its sexual cool and refreshing, diastolic blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent vascular sclerosis, reduce blood pressure etc function, face before sleeping, taking can play the hypnotic effect, still can improve a person's mood, to calm the nerves, calming effect. Took to sea vitilig...[more...]
Vitiligo patients how to eat increase melanin food
 A lot of vitiligo patients are very concerned about this problem. As we all know, vitiligo is due to the skin pigment metabolism disorder caused by the disfiguring skin disease, so how to increase skin melanin is many patients with vitiligo most concern. Here, huahai vitiligo hospital experts tell patients with       &n...[more...]
What food can improve the health of the patients with vitiligo
  The disease only on drug therapy is not enough, especially for vitiligo such as stubborn disease speaking, rely on drug therapy and does not pay attention to improve life is difficult to achieve the purpose of cured thoroughly, good eating habits to full recovery is responsible for the disease, so vitiligo patients must pay attention to diet, so w...[more...]
Children patients with vitiligo nutrition must fully
Vitiligo we all don't strange, the disease can come on in any age, gender, although not life-threatening, but occurs in patients with bare skin areas, very affect beautiful, can indirectly to patients caused by psychological stress, affect the person's health, so for vitiligo we must attach importance to. With the development of the society, many children...[more...]
diet of elderly patients with vitiligo in winter
As soon as possible in order to get rid of vitiligo, elderly patients with vitiligo diet how to arrange ability is more reasonable? Here to tell you, we want to be cured thoroughly good oneself of vitiligo, in addition to actively cooperate with the treatment of late experts outside, the effective nursing is very important, especially the patient's diet i...[more...]

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Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua ,female, researcher, who graduated from Beijing university of Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese expert in studing vitiligo and is the director of Huahai vitiligo hospital. She is representative of people¡¯s congress and outstanding contribution expert to our country.

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Vitilig FAQs
Students from middle shcool came to Huahai vitiligo hospital to study taditional chinese medicine
 Students from middle shcool came to Huahai vitiligo hospital to study taditional chinese medicine
vitiligo and sunshine
  In everyday life, the color human skin will be influenced by the environment or seasons change. The major factor is the sun radiation, whenever the summer coming, many outdoor workers tanned, especially the agriculture, fishery and geological prospecting workers’ skin color usually much darker than normal people. Why UV light will tan s...
Best vitiligo hospital in India -Huahai vitiligo hospital
 China has a long history in curing vitiligo. In 601A.D. this diseasehas been named vitiligo. The Chinese Medicine is mainly made of natural animalsand plants. It is cheap and works well and has little toxic and side effect.,very adaptable to vitiligo which is the chronic condition,will not cause thedrug induced disease due to the chemical medicinel....

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