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Vitiligo traceability

vitiligo traseability
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The Chinese understanding of vitiligo have several thousand years of history, in the long history of China, Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo has accumulated rich experience, has a lot of effective treatment methods in the treatment of vitiligo.


     Recorded vitiligo lesions in huangdi neijing, symptoms and treatment principle, the theory of plain question · wind "yue:" ethos in the skin between, may be, within outside may not discharge, long and blood stasis, alongwith the whiter skin and into the disease ". "" element asked, regulate the menstrual function theory pointed out that" natural, everything is change ". Recorded in the book at the same time the application of stains, ironing, bath, sting, moxibustion treatment thereof experience in the treatment of surgical diseases, laid the foundation for the later treatment vitiligo.
    According to "the" hua tuo offering esotericism stressed that the treatment of vitiligo, beyond cure method. Attention should be paid at the same time, the han dynasty has pay attention to the combination of internal and external treatment methods in the treatment of vitiligo, vitiligo and opens up a new way for the later treatment.
Jin dynasty scholar-officials by the elbow backup nasty side deals with vitiligo in the name of disease, course and treatment, such as "vitiligo, a white infection, or" dragon kiss ". White infection, is one of the leprosy, but is similar to its pathological mechanism and vitiligo, ancient doctors treated on treatment, in jin dynasty, named for vitiligo is not specification. This is also the traditional Chinese medicine's development model.
   Sui dynasty yuan fang's nest "on the pathogenic syndrome" in the first time put forward the naming of vitiligo, and its etiology and pathogenesis, symptoms are relatively clear described. 'cause waiting on · white Dian syndrome ":" white Dian, face and neck skin color white body, and the color is different, also do not itch, of white Dian." Put forward the cause of vitiligo pathogenesis as "the wind in skin, flesh with the life". Explain to the sui dynasty, has been on the mechanism of vitiligo in theory have a clear understanding.
Sun simiao in tang dynasty "hurry daughter s · 23" in a variety of clinical prescription for the treatment of vitiligo, and pioneering "combination" in the treatment of vitiligo.
Zhu Zhenheng the yuan dynasty "Dan creek art" in "flesh and and diseases is not born, there is a Fei depressive, gave birth to the disease. The disease, so life born in depression." The etiology of a more detailed description of the induced vitiligo mental factors.
    Li shizhen of the Ming dynasty in the "compendium of materia medica" said: "white thistle six two child, born at the end of the dao to. Take two money. Every soup, two suit. January root. Suit to half moon, see red dot white place, works and reality. Sun cream." The source of the white thistles in the treatment of vitiligo is written by li shizhen's "compendium of materia medica". The book contains more than 16 prescriptions and drugs for the treatment of vitiligo has carried on the classification, influence on the later research and apply medication vitiligo illness greatly.
    Ken king hall of Ming dynasty with the certificate for the criterion in the integration of the sui dynasty Wang Huaiyin nest yuan fang, song dynasty's point of view, on the basis of its proposed: "husband, white barge, is between lung romantic note skin, the wind in skin, long and don't go, flesh also don't bore. Born in face, little gray, but no sores and the itch, not can't early intervention, even immersion." And put forward the different treatment prescriptions, such as "black snake, and dense body of hemp and cure vitiligo; wind soup, cure vitiligo, sophora, treat lung fire product wind poison, skin between raw white Dian; three holy, cure vitiligo.
    Wu Qian in qing dynasty with the YiZong Jin Jian surgical method to gist "pointed out:" vitiligo, since the face and neck, nov.17 suddenly turned white color, shape such as spots, not painful, also by the wind in the skin, to make blood estrangement. Providing appropriate early, if followed after many days, even all over the body. Take duckweed pills at the beginning of times xanthium sibiricum anointed; with pangolin piece of lint scraped first, outside to dry pain, fat eels, day three tu."
Wang Qingren in qing dynasty with the medical subjects, Lin: huoxue soup to treat disease by eye "recorded:" vitiligo, blood stasis in lining, 35 vice don't loose, take 30 vice can be recovered again." First proposed vitiligo can be completely cured.


Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua ,female, researcher, who graduated from Beijing university of Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese expert in studing vitiligo and is the director of Huahai vitiligo hospital. She is representative of people’s congress and outstanding contribution expert to our country.

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