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Vitiligo FAQs

Yoga To Cleanse, Detox And Improve Digestion-Huahai Vitiligo Hospital
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  None of us like feeling gross, let alone bloated with rumbling digestion. Luckily, the style of yoga and wellness I created I.Am.You Yoga can help with that!Benefits of Yoga:T

he cool thing about yoga is that it works your tangible body – the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and organs – and the intangible body – the mind, emotions, hormones and energies that make you on any given moment of any day. The poses below help address the metabolic and digestive organs, as well as the vagus nerve, or the neurological connection between the mind and the gut. Yoga Exercises to improve Digestion:Yoga To Cleanse, Detox And Improve Digestion Yoga To Cleanse, Detox And Improve Digestion Try this short sequence to do on its own or add into your longer yoga practice to make you strong, lean and clean inside and out.The first two yoga poses in the top row are a cleansing practice targeted at your intestines and stress. Sit or stand wherever comfortable. Bring your hands as fists to your middle/lower abdomen. Inhale fully. Exhale completely out of your mouth and fold forward, pressing your fists up into your abdomen, optionally massaging your gut. Repeat 1-3 times as necessary, aiming to release any physical and mental toxins you are holding.The third pose is one of the most beneficial twists in the yoga library. Start in little squat balancing on your toes. You can put something under your heals if it feels better. Twist to the right, bringing the left forearm outside the right knee and lifting the right arm up. Hold here and breathe, optionally binding behind the back. Hold 5-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.The next pose (first of the new line) is for your core, but more importantly to show you how strong you already are. Hold it for 5 -10 breaths, optionally bending the knees and believe you can do it. Seated spinal twist is basic, but essential. Twist out any remaining gunk you have in your mind or your body. Just make sure both sit bones are firm on the ground. Repeat each side, 5-10 breaths.Finish with shoulder stand, one of the most powerful poses for your thyroid. Close your eyes when you get there and let your mind and body be still. Hold for one to two minutes, even longer if it feels good, and enjoy!To know more about our information -please visit http://www.hhvitiligo.com/

Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua is a female expert and researcher graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine devoting herself to pathology of vitiligo.She founded Huahai vitiligo institution and became a representative of the National People¡¯s Congress for the enormous contributions to the state. She has ranked the top 10 best presidents of hospital in the state and been awarded many honors,the best TCM hospitals of the state,the most prominent female entrepreneur of the state,Chinese superior inventive entrepreneur and the most dedicatory TCM practitioner. ¡°Pulmonary-renal-disorder Targeted Therapy¡± is invented by a scientific research team under the leadership of Cheng Aihua with a lot of efforts, and obtains nine patents as a cutting-edge medical technology in the world.It is the first and only vitiligo treatment that the government has prompted and spread since the foundation of the people¡¯s republic of China. She applied herself to the treatment and research of vitiligo for over 20 years with 15 relevant publications , Vitiligo Treatment , Vitiligo New Theory , Research of Vitiligo , etc ., and more than 300 treatises. Since 2000,medical and research organizations in more than 10 countries have sent invitations for her to give speeches and see the local patients,and thousands of patients from 118 countries has been treated.The medias has named her-the first Chinese physician who can defeat vitiligo.

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Vitilig FAQs
Types of vitiligo from Huahai vitiligo hospital
Scientists separate vitiligo into two types: non-segmental, and segmental vitiligo. Non-segmental vitiligo Non-segmental vitiligo is the most common type of vitiligo. Non-segmental vitiligo is the most common type of vitiligo and occurs in up to 90% of people who have the disorder. In non-segmental vitiligo, the patches often appear equally on both ...
Vitiligo Treatment: 16 Natural Options
 The best types of vitiligo treatment — whether conventional or natural — all take time to work. Some individuals may see results in weeks, while for other treatments it may take nine months, a year or longer. 1. Needling. Skin needling is showing some promise as a leading vitiligo natural treatment. In fact, Rutgers, the State University...
Treatment for vitiligo -Huahai vitiligo hospital
 Treatment for vitiligo is based on improving the appearance of the skin by restoring its colour. However, the effects of treatment aren't usually permanent, and it can't always control the spread of the condition. Your docotor may recommend: Protection from the sun Sunburn is a real risk if you have vitiligo. You must protect your skin ...

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