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The first "Vitiligo Clinical Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine" settled in Huahai
Date£º2017-08-21 Hit£º188

On August 20th, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the opening ceremony of "Chinese Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital" in Binzhou, Shandong. People from the national Wei Planning Commission, the Chinese Medicine Association, the national and provincial departments of traditional Chinese medicine administration departments and Chinese medicine experts more than 100 attended the meeting. The first "Chinese medicine vitiligo clinical hospital" of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially settled in Huahai Vitiligo Hospital.

The establishment of Chinese Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital, realised powerful combition of the highest authority of China's traditional Chinese medicine, the State Ministry of science and technology of high-tech Torch Program projects and the  first national two level  first-class hospital of vitiligo industry, becoming the "national team" of Chinese vitiligo treatment field.

Chinese medicine vitiligo research will be fully upgraded

As a common dermatology difficult disease,  with the environment and many other factors in recent years, the incidence of vitiligo increased year by year, because the disease is destructive, bringing great mental pain and survival pressure to patiens.

Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as China's largest and most scientific research strength of Chinese medicine research institutions, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the highest national science and technology awards with the highest medical awards at home and abroad , is the highest authority of the Chinese medicine. The hospital this time with the Huahai vitiligo hospital, involved in the development and promotion of vitiligo disease treatment technology, and in July 2017 held in Beijing, "China's clinical base of Chinese medicine vitiligo" award ceremony, the purpose is to give full play to scientific research and talent Advantages, the use of its strong R & D strength, enhance and regulate the technical level of vitiligo industry to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine technology, internationalization process, and actively participate in Chinese medicine "along the way" construction, so that excellent Chinese medicine technology to the world.
National Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo platform officially run

Vitiligo is the dominant condition of traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment effect is more obvious than other therapies. Chinese medicine vitiligo clinical hospital after the establishment of China's traditional Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo disease research and clinical practice have a profound impact. The hospital will rely on the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine strong scientific research strength and Huahai Vitiligo Hospital 23 years focused on the valuable clinical experience of vitiligo disease, through the construction of the country 3000, 2,000 overseas technology promotion center for the global patients to provide scientific, safe and effective treatment services The

It is reported that the hospital independent research and success of Chinese medicine "black and white Tongzhi" treatment of vitiligo new technology, experts and clinical experiments proved that a short course of treatment, quick, high cure rate, non-toxic side effects, clinical efficacy reached the international leader Level. Hundreds of thousands of patients using the technology to be recovered, the service area of 120 countries around the world.



Vitiligo experts
The director Cheng Aihua
Cheng Aihua ,female, researcher, who graduated from Beijing university of Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese medicine .she is famous Chinese expert in studing vitiligo and is the director of Huahai vitiligo hospital. She is representative of people¡¯s congress and outstanding contribution expert to our country.

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