How to protect the skin of women patients with vitiligo in summer?

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女夏600.jpg   Summer is a season in which vitiligo is prone to develop and spread. For women patients with sensitive skin and fragile skin and poor quality of care, spring is still a difficult season.

So, how do vitiligowomen protect their skin in the summer?


Do sun protection

In summer, the temperature is high, the ultraviolet radiation of the sun becomes stronger, and excessive exposure will accelerate the development of vitiligo. The skin of vitiligo patients is particularly sensitive. Therefore, proper sunscreen measures must be taken. , Long-sleeved outerwear, etc. can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays.



Pay attention to skin moisturizing

The air is dry in summer, and the hot wind blows to the skin, which will evaporate the moisture on the skin surface, causing a large amount of skin moisture loss. The skin of the vitiligo of women patients with vitiligo is fragile, and some parts are prone to peeling and cracking. Therefore, the skin moisturizing work in summer needs attention. Patients with vitiligo should pay attention to supplementing water in their daily lives, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and maintain adequate body water. For skin exposed to the outside, a certain amount of moisturizing care is required. In addition to whitening cosmetics, moisturizing products can be used appropriately. In addition, to reduce friction and prevent electrostatic damage.


Prevent skin allergies

 skin is susceptible to pollen, hot air and other stimulating factors, causing allergic symptoms, resulting in skin redness, itching, peeling and allergic dermatitis. Especially the skin of adolescents is more sensitive. Vitiligo itself is a kind of skin disease, which is easily stimulated by various inducing factors, leading to instability of the condition, even isomorphic reactions, and the development and spread of vitiligo.


Dress properly

women pay more attention to their personal image and like to dress and dress. But for women vitiligo patients, dressing is not just for others, but also for their own condition. For dressing, there are several principles. 1. Do not wear chemical fiber clothing: Because chemical fiber has poor hygroscopicity and poor air permeability, it is easy to generate static electricity and will irritate the patient's skin. 2. Choose cotton clothing as much as possible: the moisture retention and warmth of cotton are better. 3. Avoid bright clothes: women love to wear bright clothes to show their personality, but bright colors are easy to contain pigments and chemicals.


Avoid skin trauma

women are lively and active. The sun is shining in summer and the temperature is high. It is suitable for outdoor sports. In some antagonistic or group sports, it is easy to cause skin trauma. Especially in patients in advanced stages, normal skin will turn white when inflammation or damage occurs, leading to the development of white spots, which is also known as a homomorphic reaction. Therefore, it is recommended that women patients with vitiligo should avoid any form of skin damage when they exercise, causing aggravation of the condition.


Pay attention to diet regulation

Vitiligo patients should usually eat light and nutritious food. Eat foods rich in vitamin C or not, such as tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, peppers, etc., and spicy irritating foods should also be avoided. Diet should be moderate, not hungry and overdone, overeating to prevent damage to the spleen and stomach; also do not partial eclipse, to meat and meat mix, thick and thin; can not blindly eat fine rice noodles, chicken, duck and fish meat, according to personal physical conditions, moderate tonic.

At the same time, to avoid eating "junk food" and fast food, McDonald's, takeaway, carbonated drinks and other harmful substances, we must add enough nutrients in time, otherwise it will lack trace elements, causing the development and spread of white spots.



Adjust positive attitude

Learn more about vitiligo-related knowledge. Many women patients with vitiligo are relatively young and do not know much about the disease, resulting in pessimistic negative emotions. Women patients should correctly understand what kind of disease vitiligo is, do not put too much pressure on themselves, and have a good attitude to actively face the treatment of vitiligo, as long as you find a formal and professional hospital, through dialectical treatment and personality Vitiligo is completely curable.




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