How to deal with the physical and mental injury for adolescents caused by vitiligo

Date:2020-07-24 Hit:83

vitiligo on hands.png
Adolescents are more concerned about their personal image. If vitiligo occurs in exposed areas such as hands and face, it will have a great impact on the patient's learning, life and communication, and psychological pessimism will also occur. There are two main reasons for the psychological pressure of vitiligo patients after getting vitiligo: one is the communication barrier caused by the appearance of skin damage; the second is that the vitiligo is not cured well and is full of fear and despair for the future.

The new technology for the treatment of vitiligo developed by Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has cured hundreds of thousands of patients in 120 countries around the world. At present, this technology forms a complete set of treatment plans based on the etiology, pathogenesis and site characteristics of vitiligo in the hand. Compared with traditional therapy, it can effectively shorten the treatment cycle of vitiligo in the hand, and can fully recover within the prescribed treatment period.

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