Vitiligo is not painful or itchy, why can't it be cured? Objective analysis: may be wrong treatment

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Although it belongs to the same skin disease, vitiligo is different from other skin diseases. It has no typical itching or pain symptoms, and it is not contagious. It only continues to develop on the patient's body surface.

In recent years, clinical research on vitiligo itself and its treatment has not stopped, and there are indeed many effective treatments available.

However, many patients with vitiligo in our country are caught in a vicious circle of repeated attacks, repeated treatments, and long-term cure. This can't help but worry people, is it true that vitiligo is not treated well at all?

In fact, vitiligo is not cured. There is only one reason for repeated attacks: wrong treatment!

Because vitiligo is a disease that appears on the surface of the skin, although it is not painful or itchy, it can cause tremendous psychological stress on the patient. Due to this psychological fear and eagerness to get rid of the torture of the disease, the patient is prone to fall into a misunderstanding of treatment.


According to relevant investigations and studies, at least one-third of vitiligo patients in China are still in the treatment stage of wrong treatment, drug abuse, and gullible remedies;


Blindly pursue immediate recovery, a prescription that works, fail to follow the doctor's advice, and stop taking the medicine as soon as the condition improves.


This kind of wrong approach is to treat one's body as a tool for testing drugs. The consequences of drug abuse are repeated relapses and failure to gradually recover, which will hit the patient's confidence in treatment and eventually form a vicious circle.


Therefore, from a clinical point of view, choosing a regular treatment is the first step to achieve a cure for vitiligo. This includes oral medication, topical medication application, phototherapy, surgical treatment, etc.


In addition, patients also need to do a good job of nursing in their daily lives, such as avoiding sun exposure, wearing loose clothing, maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude, and regular sports activities.


Although vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, it also has the possibility of curing. It's just that the treatment effect of vitiligo varies from person to person. After all, every patient has different causes, severity of illness, age and physical fitness, so the treatment effects are also different.


However, as long as you actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, the development of vitiligo can also be controlled and it is possible to achieve a cure.

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