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Summer is the season for vitiligo, because it is a comprehensive disease closely related to the "internal environment" such as human organs, blood, and immunity. In summer, human metabolism accelerates. Melanocytes secrete melanin and need more nutrients. Tyrosinase activity in the blood Decrease, insufficient catalytic ability, unable to provide sufficient nutrition for the synthesis of melanin, which will lead to rapid development of the disease. In addition, the strong ultraviolet rays are prone to skin stress reactions, and the toxic melanin is more destructive, and it is easy to damage melanocytes, causing recurrence of the disease. Although there is a high incidence of vitiligo in summer, it is also the best season for treatment. Huahai Vitiligo Hospital believes that there are at least the following 5 reasons.

1. Fast metabolism and good drug absorption

The summer weather is hot, the patient's body functions are more active, and the metabolism is fast. If correct and effective treatments are taken during this period, the body can better absorb the medicine, give full play to the efficacy of the medicine, shorten the treatment cycle of vitiligo, and curb the disease faster to achieve the best effect of treatment, and reasonable use of some topical drugs can eliminate external symptoms faster and accelerate the recovery of vitiligo.

2. It can better inhibit the activity of susceptible genes

Studies have shown that the onset of vitiligo is due to a certain gene in the patient's body. During summer treatment, drugs can better act in the extracellular matrix, effectively regulate the characteristics of the extracellular matrix, improve the structure and function of cells, especially the restoration of cellular immune response performance, which helps stabilize susceptible genes. Achieve faster and better treatment of diseases.

3. It can better resist external stimuli

Summer is a time when the various functional organs of the human body are relatively vigorous. Most patients can quickly improve the bodys own immune capacity or repair the disordered immune system, and have a relatively strong resistance to external stimuli, and can resist the intrusion of some external toxins.  To establish a healthy barrier for the body

4. It can recover from illness and shorten the course of treatment

In summer, blood circulation is fast and skin melanocytes are more active. At this time, symptomatic testing and customized treatment plans can promote the regeneration of skin melanin and effectively shorten the treatment time. In clinical practice, in about 2/3 of patients, the white spots disappears completely within less than two courses of treatment, and the course of rehabilitation treatment is also significantly shortened. This also greatly reduces the economic and psychological burden of patients.

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