Dr. Mark from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital shared: the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in tre

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7-马克600.jpg Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease with complex causes and a relatively long treatment period. During the treatment process, patients first fear that they cannot be cured completely, secondly they are afraid of recurrence after recovery, and then they are afraid of using hormones and immunosuppressive agents. Drug therapy often fails to cure vitiligo, and can also induce drug-induced diseases and cause secondary damage to the body. Huahai Vitiligo Hospital recommends that the majority of patients use traditional Chinese medicine to effectively solve the above problems. It is recognized in the medical community that traditional Chinese medicine has obvious advantages in the treatment of vitiligo. It mainly reflects those aspects. Let's discuss it together.

1. Chinese medicine can treat both symptoms and root causes of vitiligo

TCM diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo starts from the holistic concept, avoiding the idea of local treatment of headache and foot pain. In the process of treatment, treatment based on syndrome differentiation, internal regulation and external treatment can not only stimulate the recovery of epidermal pigment cells, but also restore the normal metabolism of melanocytes by regulating the immune function of the body, so that melanocytes can regenerate melanin normally. It can ensure the therapeutic effect of vitiligo, completely cure the vitiligo, and greatly reduce the recurrence probability of vitiligo.

2. Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo has minimal side effects

Compared with chemical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is a botanical or natural medicine, so it has the least side effects. Therefore, choosing Chinese medicine means choosing natural, ecological, and green medical methods, and long-term treatment has almost no side effects. It is harmless to the patient's body.

3. Chinese medicine can assist non-drug therapy in treating vitiligo

In addition to traditional Chinese medicine, there are many non-drug treatments for treating vitiligo. Such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, etc., the treatment effect is very reliable, which is not available in other medicines in the world, and it is a good supplement to the treatment of Chinese medicine.

Four, Chinese medicine can assist diet therapy in the treatment of vitiligo

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment emphasizes the homology of medicine and food. Through the reasonable combination of nutritious Chinese herbal medicines (or food), the patient's body function is adjusted to promote blood circulation, through "internal nourishment", the foundation of the body is adjusted, and scientific external treatment , Can achieve the goal of curing both symptoms and root causes and quickly eradicate vitiligo.

5. TCM treatment of vitiligo can assist psychological counseling

Chinese medicine emphasizes the unity of body and spirit, and attaches importance to the important role of psychological factors in the occurrence, development and treatment of diseases. Vitiligo, as a chronic disease, has a long treatment cycle. During the treatment process, the patient's mood is easily fluctuated, the temperament is depressed, and pessimistic and irritable. Therefore, Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the psychological counseling of the patient, helps the patient understand and adapt to the disease, establishes the confidence to overcome the disease and fights for a long time. Patience, guide the patient's activities, exercises, and enhance physical fitness. Make the patient "qi and blood to regulate", "yin and yang harmony", and achieve good therapeutic effects.

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