Observation on Therapeutic Effect of 137 Cases of Vitiligo Treated with Electroacupuncture and Melan

Date:2020-07-24 Hit:106

Abstract】Objective: To observe the curative effect of electroacupuncture combined with melanin regeneration solution on vitiligo. Methods: 137 cases were randomly divided into a study group and a control group. 71 cases in the study group were treated with electroacupuncture combined with oral melanin regeneration solution, and 66 cases in the control group were treated with electroacupuncture alone. Conclusion: Electroacupuncture combined with oral melanin regeneration solution can significantly improve the curative effect of vitiligo. It is a simple and effective method for clinical treatment of vitiligo.

[Keywords] electroacupuncture; melanin regeneration solution; vitiligo; curative effect

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Vitiligo is a primary localized or generalized skin and mucous membrane depigmentation. The clinical manifestations are white skin lesions with irregular shapes, different sizes, and clear boundaries. The disease is common in all age groups, and it is more common in young people. Vitiligo can occur in any part of the human body, including the head, face, neck, back of the hands, and external genitals. There are many common treatment methods in western medicine, but the effect is poor. Traditional Chinese medicine has many syndrome differentiation theories and rich treatment methods. Each physician has its own unique syndrome differentiation and corresponding treatment methods, the purpose of which is to control the development of skin lesions and promote vitiligo. In recent years, electro-acupuncture therapy has attracted more and more attention. Our hospital uses electroacupuncture and oral melanin regeneration solution to achieve more significant effects. The report is as follows.

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